Getting sick of the same boring hairstyles everyday? Level up your claw clip game with these durable designs and unique styles.

✓ These claw clips are perfect for various hair types
✓ Durable and sturdy design of claw clips
✓ Acetate
✓ Alligator style
✓ Dense teeth to grip your hair well
✓ Adds a unique twist to your hair styles
✓ Appropriate for everyday looks
✓ Adaptable and can be dressed up
✓ Claw clips perfect for long hair
✓ Claw clips are the right size for thick hair
✓ Claw clips can be used to obtain a range of hairstyles

Stand out from the crowd!

Size: 6cm long, 6cm wide.


90’s vibes, Lilac cream, Sapphire, Mint sorbet, Peach, Ruby, Vanilla liquorice, Iced latte, Iridescence

Butterfly Claw Clip


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