Silk scrunchies are extremely gentle and soft, perfect for the needs of all hair types! These mini versions are a cross between traditional hair ties and scrunchies.


❀ 100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchie Set

❀ Comes with 5 scrunchies

❀ Grade 6A Silk

Comes with 9 prints:

❀ Pearl Marble

❀ Rose Gold Leopard

❀ Rose Marble

❀ Gold Leopard

❀ Tropical

❀ Noir

❀ Pearl

❀ Blush

❀ Champagne


The luscious difference:

“Silky smooth” isn’t just an expression! Mulberry silk is highly praised by dermatologists and beauty experts because it retains moisture in the hair, reducing frizz and prolonging freshness.

By keeping moisture in your hair, silk allows your hair to look fresher for longer, keeps it soft and allows it to shine. On top of all these benefits, these silk scrunchies also don’t snag or leave dints in your hair.


Caring for silk

Hand wash with cold water.

Set of 9 Mulberry Silk Skinny ...