Bouclème Curl Towel

Unlike terry towels, which absorb all moisture from hair, our jersey Curl Towel absorbs excess water, leaving your strands hydrated, smooth and cared for.  It helps reduce drying time and enhances curl formation.

Our smooth and soft fabric is made from 46% organic cotton, 46% bamboo and 8% elastane.

The Bouclème Curl Towel is made from premium-quality microfiber material, carefully chosen for its gentle and smooth texture. Unlike regular terry towels, which can cause friction and lead to frizz, our microfiber towel glides smoothly over your curls, minimizing damage and breakage. Embrace the luxurious feel of the soft, delicate fibers against your hair.

Say goodbye to lengthy drying times with the Bouclème Curl Towel. Its highly absorbent properties quickly wick away excess water from your hair, speeding up the drying process. As a result, your curls are left moisturized and ready for styling in no time. Save valuable minutes during your hair routine and enjoy more time to flaunt your gorgeous curls.

Designed with your curls’ needs in mind, our Curl Towel is large enough to accommodate all curl types and lengths. Its generous size allows you to easily wrap and secure your hair, ensuring even drying and reduced frizz. The convenience of the built-in elastic band provides a secure hold, so you can move freely while your hair dries.

Beyond its drying benefits, the Bouclème Curl Towel is also ideal for refreshing and reviving your curls on non-wash days. Simply mist your hair with water or a leave-in conditioner, scrunch with the towel, and watch your curls come back to life with added definition and bounce.

At Bouclème, we are dedicated to creating products that cater to the unique needs of curly hair. Our Curl Towel is free from harmful chemicals and additives, making it a safe and gentle option for your precious curls.

Experience the difference the Bouclème Curl Towel can make in your curl care routine. Embrace the efficiency and effectiveness of this microfiber towel, specially designed to pamper your curls and enhance their natural beauty. Join our community of curl enthusiasts and elevate your curly hair journey with Bouclème. Order your Bouclème Curl Towel today and discover the secret to frizz-free, healthy curls.


Curl Types:

  • 2a
  • 2b
  • 2c
  • 3a
  • 3b
  • 3c
  • 4a
  • 4b
  • 4c


Can be used to plop and wrap your curls while you get dressed

Leave on for 15 mins

Wash towel on a 30 degree cycle

Do not tumble dry

Bouclème Microfibre Curl Towel...