Innersense Organic Beauty I Create Shine

This is the secret to achieving luminous, radiant hair that turns heads. This versatile shine spray is specially crafted with certified organic ingredients to add brilliant shine and polish to your hair without weighing it down.

I Create Shine is more than just a hair spray; it’s a nourishing formula that enhances your hair’s natural beauty. Infused with Certified Organic Aloe Vera and Honey, this shine spray delivers essential hydration and moisture to your locks, leaving them silky-smooth and irresistibly glossy.

Experience the allure of healthy, lustrous hair with I Create Shine. Its lightweight and non-greasy formula allows your hair to shine naturally, without any sticky residue. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless locks and hello to a luminous mane that exudes confidence and beauty.

This shine spray is suitable for all hair types and is especially beneficial for those with dry or frizzy hair. I Create Shine helps to tame flyaways and control frizz, making it a must-have styling product for achieving a sleek, polished look.

To use, simply mist I Create Shine onto dry, styled hair from a distance of about 10 inches. For a more concentrated shine, apply directly to your palms and smooth over your hair. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or want to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look, I Create Shine is your go-to product for a brilliant finish.

At Innersense Organic Beauty, we are committed to crafting products that are clean, safe, and effective. Our I Create Shine is free from harmful chemicals, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, ensuring a pure and organic experience for your hair.

Experience the transformative power of Innersense Organic Beauty I Create Shine and unlock the true potential of your hair. Join our community of conscious beauty enthusiasts and embrace the beauty of nature’s finest ingredients. Order your I Create Shine today and revel in the spotlight with stunning, shining locks.


Curl Types:

  • 2a
  • 2b
  • 2c
  • 3a
  • 3b
  • 3c
  • 4a
  • 4b
  • 4c

Curly Girl Method Approved


What is it?

A silicone-free shine shield that protects and reflects your healthiest, glossiest hair.

This silicone-free shine oil nourishes, protects, and illuminates all hair types and textures. Crafted with a lightweight blend of cold-pressed plant extracts, the luxe formula absorbs into strands in seconds, radiating shine from beneath the hair’s surface. Smoothing macadamia and cranberry seed oils seal in glossy moisture while shutting out frizz, antioxidant-rich sunflower and sesame oils shield against damage, and grounding lotus flower leaves behind a subtly soothing floral fragrance.

Ideal for all hair types and textures.

Key ingredients

  • Cranberry Seed Oil —  rich in antioxidants, cranberry seed oil safeguards against harmful UV rays and other environmental damage—maintaining vibrant color and healthy hair.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil the perfectly balanced blend of omega fatty acids in sunflower seed oil delivers deep moisture, promotes elasticity, and creates a luxurious-looking luster.
  • Macadamia Oil a featherweight moisturizer, macadamia oil creates an invisible seal on strands that smooths frizz and reflects light for maximum radiance.
  • Sesame Oil this nutrient-packed oil replenishes, repairs, and strengthens strands, preventing breakage and split ends while boosting elasticity and bounce.



Take a deep breath and become centered. Apply 1-2 drops of serum in the palms of your hands and smooth into mid lengths and ends. Can be used on damp or dry hair.



Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Healthy Shine!

In short, I really like this oil! Being that my hair is very fine, I have to be very careful with applying oils, because my hair will just be weighed down and look greasy if I apply too much. I experimented with this after blow drying and with air drying. Either way seems to work great! I worked my way up to about 3-4 drops and that seems to be the happy place for my hair. The bottle is beautifully packaged and it has an eye dropper top to it. I dispensed the drops onto my palm, rubbed my palms together and than ran both hands through my hair. Almost immediately, my fly aways settled down, my hair looks perfectly smooth and shiny! Also, these drops smell really good. I'm very happy with this product and even though the bottle is on the small side, it only takes a little bit, as described above, so it should last a very long time.

Better than Olaplex

My new favorite hair oil. Extremely light weight, smells so good, and leaves your hair feeling softer than ever. Beats olaplex bonding oil out of the water! Highly recommend.

Light but supremely moisturising.

One of the most moisturising oils I have ever used. Nice lotus scent. Very light. Nice surprise and will repurchase

So smooth

I have frizzy, curly hair. This oil smooths out most of it, but not all. Smells good, and feels nice in my hair.


This is so great!! Such a wonderful product. Let's start with packaging, just beautiful. I'm a sucker for a pretty box. The gloss is packaged in a nice glass dropper bottle. Its super lightweight yet works miracles for how little you need. It has a light fresh, somewhat calming scent to it that I really like as well. I used only two small drops, i was nervous it would appear greasy, & noticed a difference immediately. I had reduced frizz on my thick curls & a nice healthy shine. In the future I will probably up to 3 maybe 4 drops but this bottle will probably last me a lifetime. I would highly recommend!!

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