Your Secret to Gorgeous, Frizz-Free Hair Every Morning!

Tired of waking up to tangled, frizzy hair? Say goodbye to unruly morning curls and hello to smooth, defined locks with our Sleep Bonnet. Specially designed for curly hair, this luxurious accessory is your ticket to effortlessly beautiful hair, night after night.

Here’s why our Sleep Bonnet is a game-changer for your locks – regardless of hair type!

1. Frizz Prevention: Curly hair is prone to frizz, especially during sleep when it rubs against pillows and sheets. Our Sleep Bonnet creates a protective barrier, reducing friction and preventing frizz formation while you sleep.

2. Preserves Moisture: Curly hair tends to be drier due to its natural texture. The Sleep Bonnet helps lock in moisture by keeping your hair contained and preventing it from rubbing against fabrics that can absorb moisture from your strands.

3. Maintains Hairstyles: Whether you’ve spent hours styling your curls or simply want to preserve your natural texture, our Sleep Bonnet ensures your hairstyle stays intact overnight. Wake up to beautifully styled curls without the need for extensive morning routines.

4. Reduces Breakage: Traditional cotton pillowcases can cause friction, leading to hair breakage and split ends. The smooth, satin-like material of our Sleep Bonnet reduces friction, minimizing hair damage and breakage while you sleep.

5. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth: By protecting your curls from environmental stressors and mechanical damage, the Sleep Bonnet promotes healthier hair growth over time. Say hello to longer, stronger curls with regular use.

6. Versatile and Comfortable: Our Sleep Bonnet is designed for maximum comfort and versatility. The soft, breathable fabric ensures a comfortable night’s sleep, while the adjustable elastic band ensures a secure fit for all head sizes.

Invest in your hair’s health and wake up to beautiful, manageable curls every morning with our Sleep Bonnet. It’s the must-have accessory for anyone looking to maintain their curly hair’s natural beauty, effortlessly. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to smoother, shinier curls with our Sleep Bonnet today!


Important info:

  • Size: 33cm diameter
  • Frizz free curls
  • Perfectly defined curls
  • Curls last longer in between wash days
  • Curls are preserved and need less refreshing
  • Soft and gentle to ensure ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable so they’ll never be too tight or too loose (and won’t come off at night!)
  • Enough room to comfortably fit all your hair in
  • Reversible colours to spice it up!


Our bonnets are perfect for you if:

  • You want to reduce wash days
  • You want longer lasting freshness
  • You wear your hair natural
  • You have extensions in
  • You’re wearing a protective style
  • Your hair is prone to damage/breakage
  • You have chemically treated/bleached hair


These bonnets are made of vegan silk to provide a non-animal product, cruelty free alternative that fits all lifestyles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 342 reviews
really nice product from a really nice business!!

i dont usually write reviews but im really happy with the new bonnet! its super soft and adjustable, so it wont fall off at night or irritate your curls. great product and someone wrote a little heart on my receipt which was super cute <3 definitely buying from here again

Stunning colour and so soft.

Great product overall.

Wow. Just wow! One of the best purchases I have made in a while.

I know this is meant for curly haired folks, but I have stick straight shoulder length hair & I am loving it as well! My hair is very slippery in texture, so I wasn’t confident that the bonnet would stay on through the night. Headbands, scarves, etc always slide off my hair, esp when I try to wear satin scarves overnight, but this stayed on like a charm! I am so impressed and surprised! The adjustable elastic is great & I love that it tucks into the lining so it doesn’t rub against you while you sleep. I use a satin pillowcase as well, & I had been noticing some breakage in my hair which seemed to be happening from friction overnight. The bonnet did a great job of protecting my hair from breakage & keeping it tangle free. The fabric is beautiful & thick. Get one!!

Great quality

Great quality and very cute! Enough room for all my hair. Such cute colours. Would highly recommend!


This was my second order and I’m so satisfied once again! Great quality bonnets and they’re adjustable too.

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