Made for ALL hair types!

❀ long hair
❀ short hair
❀ loose waves
❀ pin straight strands
❀ bouncy curls
❀ tight coils
❀ shoulder length hair
❀ hip length hair
❀ fine hair
❀ thick hair

….in other words: this bonnet was designed for YOU!

100% Pure Silk Hair Bonnet


What makes our silk bonnet different:

– We do not blend our silk with synthetic fillers or other fabrics, instead we keep our silk 100% pure

– Made high quality silk

– Elastic rim allows it to conform to the shape/size of your head

– Adjustable using gentle ribbons

– Bow sits at the back, meaning that it won’t dangle against your head and annoy you in your sleep

– Diameter: 30cm

– This silk bonnet is double lined, allowing your hair to experience all the benefits of silk while you look elegant

& the best part? it stays on all night!


Indulge yourself and level up your self care routine with our 100% Pure Silk Sleep Bonnet. This bonnet is plush and luxurious, thanks to being handmade with the finest silk. The coverage is the perfect size to hold your hair, with a convenient adjustable element to ensure ultimate comfort.

Silk is breathable, so it doesn’t clog pores or constrict hair. Silk’s lightness means that it doesn’t feel heavy against your head. The band is gently ruched, meaning that it is comfortable to put on and works with your unique hair and head shape. Ribbons means that it also can be adjusted to your liking, so you can enjoy its fit as tight or loose as you’d like.


The luscious difference:

“Silky smooth” isn’t just an expression! Pure silk is highly praised by dermatologists and beauty experts because it retains moisture in the skin, preventing premature fine lines and wrinkles. Keeping moisture in the skin helps it to glow and feel soft.

Silk also offers similar benefits for hair. By keeping moisture in your hair, silk allows your hair to look fresher for longer, keeps it soft and allows it to shine.


Why you need a sleep bonnet:

Made from luxurious fabric, our sleep bonnet offer a soft and gentle touch that minimises friction, reducing hair breakage, frizz, and tangles. Our bonnet acts as a barrier against the harsh elements, maintaining your hair’s natural moisture and preventing dryness and damage.

This sleep bonnet is a game-changer for all hair types. Whether you have natural curls, straight locks, or waves, our bonnet protects your hair from the daily wear and tear, preserving its health and shine. Wake up to effortlessly beautiful hair, ready to conquer the day.

Wake up to manageable, lustrous hair that radiates confidence. Don’t wait any longer – order your sleep bonnet today and enjoy the ultimate beauty sleep you deserve.

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