Toddler Size Vegan Silk Bonnet

Size: 23cm diameter


What makes these bonnets different:

✓ Soft and gentle to ensure ultimate comfort

✓ Adjustable so they’ll never be too tight or too loose (and won’t come off at night!)

✓ Reversible colours to spice it up!


These bonnets are made of vegan silk to provide a non-animal product, cruelty free alternative that fits all lifestyles.


Why you need a sleep bonnet:

Made from luxurious fabric, our sleep bonnet offer a soft and gentle touch that minimises friction, reducing hair breakage, frizz, and tangles. Our bonnet acts as a barrier against the harsh elements, maintaining your hair’s natural moisture and preventing dryness and damage.

This sleep bonnet is a game-changer for all hair types. Whether you have natural curls, straight locks, or waves, our bonnet protects your hair from the daily wear and tear, preserving its health and shine. Wake up to effortlessly beautiful hair, ready to conquer the day.

Wake up to manageable, lustrous hair that radiates confidence. Don’t wait any longer – order your sleep bonnet today and enjoy the ultimate beauty sleep you deserve.

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