Ready to wake up with fresh, smooth and frizz free hair? Regardless of hair type, sleep bonnets are for you!


Size: 33cm diameter


Your curls will thank you!

✓ Frizz free curls
✓ Perfectly defined curls
✓ Curls last longer in between wash days
✓ Curls are preserved and need less refreshing


What makes these bonnets different:

✓ Soft and gentle to ensure ultimate comfort
✓ Adjustable so they’ll never be too tight or too loose (and won’t come off at night!)
✓ Enough room to comfortably fit all your hair in
✓ Reversible colours to spice it up!


These bonnets are perfect for you if:

✓ You want to reduce wash days
✓ You want longer lasting freshness
✓ You wear your hair natural
✓ You have extensions in
✓ You’re wearing a protective style


These bonnets are made of vegan silk to provide a non-animal product, cruelty free alternative that fits all lifestyles.


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Rose Gold/Champagne: Vegan Sil...